See What Our Amazing Patients Have To Say

‘Dina and her staff are some of the friendliest medical staff I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with. They are competent, patient, and very knowledgeable, and always very helpful. I’m so glad I found this clinic, and am getting the medical care that is necessary for me in a way that’s understanding, compassionate, and accurate.’

Teige, Jun 05, 2023

‘Dina asked many questions to get to know me through my experiences, symptoms and genealogy. She made me feel seen and heard in a way I haven’t often experienced. She was friendly, knowledgable and understanding. The office is lovely & clean, and the staff bright & friendly. Scheduling was easy. The whole experience was positive. I look forward to continuing to work with Dina and her staff.’

Janell, May 23, 2023

‘Dina and her staff have been absolutely phenomenal. I have been putting off this appointment for quite some time and I am glad I finally took the leap to seek out help. Dina makes me feel comfortable and she is very knowledgeable. I have recommended to so many people to see Dina and her team.’

Jessica, May 16, 2023

‘Dina was so kind and professional. You could tell she knew what she was talking about. I felt so at ease and in good hands.’

Liza, May 13, 2023

‘Just a few days shy of my 49th birthday, it was such a relief to finally understand what has been causing the struggles and issues that I have dealt with my entire life – ADHD. I have lived my whole life with these issues, and am so grateful to have found a provider who would take my concerns seriously and understands the struggles that I’ve been going through, and help me improve my life through diagnosis and a non-stimulant medication to help me improve my life.’

Michael, May 08, 2023
‘All the gals are friendly and make you feel comfortable! Dina is absolutely great. Makes you feel listened to and not judged. I’m 33 years old and was so uncomfortable to go in for what I was going for but definitely glad I went! Highly highly recommend!!!!’
ANGELA, May 03, 2023

‘I can’t express how thankful I am we found ADD Clinic of Idaho. Dina and her staff really sat down and listened to my concerns about my 6-year-old. Dina is the absolute best and made sure to give us a safe space to express our concerns and how we hope to go forward.’

Anonymous, May 02, 2023

‘Dina is starting me on a new medication. She was concerned that I understood enough information that I didn’t have any more questions. Very thorough!! She also makes me feel like a person, and not just like a client that needs to be taken care of.’

Gregory, Apr 25, 2023

‘For being a new clinic, everyone seems to have it together. The staff were super helpful and knew exactly what they needed to do and how to do it, they communicated well, and they were very helpful when I asked questions that seemed silly to me. Dina Mattingly was very thorough in her explanations of how she treats her patients and what her expectations were going forward with our treatment plan.’

ALLISON, Apr 22, 2023
‘Dina and her staff were extremely helpful in all aspects! I’m so excited to get my adult ADHD under control again. Being able to be seen for exactly what you need without needing a referral from your primary care doctor made the process so easy & quick! Thanks again ADD Clinic of Idaho!’
ALICIA, Apr 03, 2023
‘Dina was very understanding and empathetic. She really took her time to explain everything very clearly. She made me feel very welcomed and at ease with the process. It was a very great experience and made me feel better with the knowledge and understanding she conveyed.’
MATTHEW, Mar 24, 2023

‘Dina is nothing short of incredible. She is the first provider to ever clinically diagnose me with ADHD, which is something I have always struggled with. Since my diagnosis, Dina has helped me better understand why my brain functions the way it does. Together, we work on tips and tricks for time management skills, focus techniques, and learning to be patient with myself. If you are looking for someone who truly listens, genuinely cares, and is very personable, Dina is your go-to!’

KARLEE, Mar 02, 2023